long way home

How much time has passed since my last post. My life is still boiling. Idon`t sit a minute. I prefer to put that love which i can not give anybody because of my lonely nature i prefer to give my work which i have loved.

There were so many events for the last week. I won`t be able to describe everything, but I will tell you know my favourite event which abequately must appear in my blog. As you already i often work as a volunteer. That time I menaged to look at the best teams of the world of curling. At the meeting of volunteers naturally i chose the team which caught my eyes at once. It was Scotland. In the i have never regretted.

To start with, at 22:30 on January 19th I was already in Sheremetyevo international airport, where my team was due to arrive. Their flight was scheduled at 3 am, but as it turned out later, they arrived at 6 am; naturally, I didn't manage to have any sleep. The first thought that crossed my mind at their sight was that I did not speak fluent English. Fortunately and to my surprise, they understood that my vocabulary lacked enough words. Their coach introduced me immediately to the team's captain David, however, I didn't initially catch which one was him but pretended I did. Having received their baggage we headed towards a car which had nearly arrived. I remember the guys' faces when they went outdoors where it was about -16. Seems, they were almost frozen to death, but the weather ahead was only going to run even more wild. 

We arrived at Baltchug Kempinski around 8.30. I've waited until all the team completed check-in and headed towards elevator, only the I went home. I thought my work-day was over and I would be able to sleep, but alas! By 3 pm I had to come to the hotel once again. All in all, I've slept only 2 hours in 2 days, though I was very much alive.
Having made my way to the hotel I've seen the guys straight away, I was very pleasantly surprised, when they started waving hands and came up to me. I was happy I didn't have to stalk the hotel searching for them.
The way to the Red Square was very calm. All the time I remained silent, pretending I didn't speak English, but it couldn't last long. Thus, on the way to the rink I was persuading myself to break my silence.Guys come to eat. I sat down separately from the team when the other attaches sat down with their teams. And i was simply afraid of sitting with them. But then the very fun began.
The first day of the competition passed quickly. I was afraid of the guys of children, i did not know what to wait from them, but i was sure inwardly that they were cool guys. The next days passed quickly. We stirred, laughed. I saw the Scot in a kilt and it was very cool because it suited Scott very much. Scott told us a lot of very interesting stories about his country and he also told us what he knew about Russia, the Russian cities.
 The team got to me is valid fine, and you know now when I write at them to me sadly, after all probably it there was our first and last meeting, but can tell that they are strange children, they cheerful and unusual. I would like that they once again arrived here, but already at least for a week, after all we weren't in time very much. And I made to myself the promise to learn English.
 Thanks in three days: David , Scott, Colin, John and Greig

With the translation I helped: Tomatik and Vera Smirnova

Daria Rim

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